On March 17, 2020, shortly after shelter-in-place was mandated in San Francisco, I wanted to post, on the Power of And facebook page, a daily message about community compassion, self compassion, and something that spoke to the ways people were trying to use their humanity for good. On Day 16, we were told that shelter-in-place would extend at least 5 more weeks. With that news, I wanted to highlight our need for self-compassion and love. Here is that post:

Day 16 #CommunityCompassion…the news has been difficult on many levels and the bright spots, while bright, are sometimes hard to see in all the darkness. While being of service to others, try to be of service to yourself and practice some self-compassion and self-love…a favorite poem:

Self Love by Lang Leav

Once when I was running,
from all that haunted me;
to the dark I was succumbing –
to what hurt unbearably.

Searching for the one thing,
that would set my sad soul free.

In time I stumbled upon it,
an inner calm and peace;
and now I am beginning –
and all I’ve yet to be.

#communitycompassion #selflove Lang Leav