3 quick things

1. If you are attending a Passover Seder, here’s a thought: Famed Jewish philosopher Eliezer Berkovitz suggested that in the Biblical Creation story when it says that G-d created “light”, it was actually still dark outside (because until that point G-d had only created the “potential” for light). The actual light came later in the story. I want to suggest that when we describe Holy and Sacred acts, that those acts are the ones which realize the potential in things or in people – i.e. transforming that potentiality into actuality. How amazing would it be to strive to be Holy and Sacred in this way each day both personally and in our service to others. It feels like the world would be a better place if looked around and saw people focused on elevating people to realize their potentials – rather than what we read and watch almost daily in the media, which is people attacking and bringing down other people. With this in mind have a great Holiday realizing your best potential!

2. Visit www.belisarilinens.com. We just designed and launched this new high-grade Italian bed linens website for this 40-year old wholesaler that is now selling direct to consumers. I love my high thread count sheets. I can’t even imagine what it’s like sleeping on fine Italian bed linens and they did not pay us in bedding. But where do you go to find such bedding? You could try the familiar brand names, but they have outrageous prices. You could try doing a search for Italian bedding, but who knows what you are going to get when you open the box? Belisari Linens has been importing Italian bedding for 40 years and wholesaling the products to the interior design community. Now their classic Italian bed linens are available to the general public at very fair prices. Nothing complicated. And what do the testimonials say? Visit to find out. We get nothing if you buy from them. This is just a “we are proud” announcement.

3. Here is a Google My Business (GMB) SEO tip in a new blog posting by Michael Svetik who manages our Local SEO services

Increase GMB [Google My Business] Engagement With Google Posts

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