One of the results of the current protests over racial injustice in this country is that business communities are revisiting the perennial topic of the barriers to advancement for people of color in the corporate and legal world. 

So I would like to put this out there, especially to attorneys of color:  I love to talk to lawyers of all levels of experience about insurance coverage and bad faith issues. If this is an area that you practice in or that you’re interested in or that you have an orphan case in or that you just want to know more about, reach out to me.  Ask me substantive questions (after a conflict check).  Ask me career questions.  Or don’t ask me anything, just introduce yourself and chat with me. 

I am the co-chair of the Boston Bar Association’s Insurance and Reinsurance Subcommittee, which means that I am often looking for panelists to speak about insurance topics.  I get invitations to speak to other groups.  If you would like the opportunity to speak on a panel, or want to suggest an insurance topic, tell me.