As I discussed here, most businesses do not have insurance coverage for business interruption as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  There are some attempts at legislation to retroactively change that, and some class action lawsuits challenging the exclusions that prevent the coverage. 

Now, just as businesses are starting to reopen, many of them have been vandalized in riots.  Some are afraid to open because of the fear of additional violence.  Others may be unable to open as a result of curfews.

The good news is that most business property policies do provide coverage for property damage and business interruption as a result of civil unrest.  The business interruption coverage generally requires either property damage or shutdown as a result of an order by a civil authority, so coverage is unlikely if a business owner fears damage from riots but has not been ordered to shut down.

In the bigger picture and the longer term, the best way to prevent business losses from riots is justice for everyone.  Black lives matter.