Leadership development and succession planning, in particular, may be the most critical aspect of continuous improvement. No matter how much money or time we invest in upgrading our aging systems or standardizing operations across sites or even extending our customer reach, we put our organizations at great risk if we do not build healthy pipelines of leaders capable of succeeding in their current roles and advancing to the next level. With nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, many of our current leaders will not be in their roles for much longer. Many of the people eagerly awaiting their chances to step up, though, do not currently possess the tools and skills they need to succeed in higher-level leadership positions.

During this special Zoomcast with the Westlake Village Lawyers (WVLAW) Affinity Group, Dr. Jeremy Lurey (SM6/VESP) reviews cutting-edge strategies for developing our next generation of leaders and mentoring them to develop the capabilities required to perform in higher-level roles. NextGen leadership development in today’s multi-generational, Coronavirus work environment is a whole new ballgame!