At ProVisors, we believe in the boomerang effect—what you give comes back to you. There’s power in reciprocity that motivates members to help each other and embrace the role of being go-givers. Here are some things to remember about what it means to be a true go-giver and why we value “Know. Like. Trust. Refer.”

Be a good listener. Troikas give a perfect opportunity to practice listening and asking questions. The most important question in these meetups is “how can I help you?”

Cultivate relationships. The value of sowing seeds is priceless. We build connections with our clients and fellow ProVisors members because we’ve learned the benefits a good relationship can grow. Take time to remember names, businesses, and what’s going on in others’ lives.

Be yourself. People respond best to authenticity. Don’t pretend to be someone else—that fake someone is not the valued professional here, you are. The best you can offer clients and ProVisors members is you.

Appreciate testimonial opportunities. At ProVisors meetings, the chance to give testimonials offers us practice in not selling ourselves but in thanking and lifting up others.

Don’t expect anything in return. When you give a referral, don’t play the game of remembering “who owes me what.” Hold the desire to help others succeed without an ulterior motive, because that reinforces a connection that holds more value than a business opportunity.

Redefine your worth. Focus more on serving people to the best of your abilities, regardless of the monetary gain. That should lead to the greatest impact on both your personal worth and wealth. The more you help others succeed, the more you will too.

Look out for fellow ProVisors. If everyone is looking out for each other, then you can spend less time looking out for yourself and more time investing in your relationships. Referrals naturally follow after trust and friendship are first established.