It’s pretty simple: having financial resources translates into freedom—the freedom to travel, live where we want, help others, send our kids to the best schools, and decide when, how, or if we want to work. Wealth grants us the freedom to enlist the help of others when time or energy is limited, help those we love when they are in need, or contribute to the community at large in generous and impactful ways. Fundamentally, wealth grants us options and choices to live a fulfilled life. 

Even though it may feel overwhelming at first, accumulating wealth doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. There are a few key financial concepts and habits that once mastered, increase your odds of living a fulfilled life. However, many young professionals don’t know where to begin. After all, no one is born with an innate knowledge of how to handle money, and with so many competing priorities, saving and investing can often get pushed to the back burner.