In honor of the wisdom of Dilbert, I am going to take the first step at helping you make a better Zoom meeting.

Creating engaging meetings online is not easy. First is the technical challenges or coordinating the different software choices such as Zoom, Webex, Gotomeeting, BlueJeans, Citrix, Vectera.

Once you have everyone on board, then it’s a question of overcoming the natural inclination after 8 months of remote working to not be bored in a Zoom meeting.

I think Zoom is now like Kleenex. It’s going to lose it’s trademark status because people just say let’s Zoom when they could be referring to any remote meeting script.

My oldest daughter Lena did some research online to help put together this list of ideas below on how to make your remote meetings more engaging.

I’ve posted a teaser to this online on LinkedIn. If you have any more tips, just hashtag #SendmeZoomTips so I can keep adding to this amazing list.

Kudos to my daughter for the heavy lifting when she wasn’t doing her work for

1. Networking Icebreakers

  • Introduce yourself with an interesting fact no one knows about you
  • Introduce someone else at the meeting that you spoke with before the meeting so that you invest in giving a great introduction which makes you look good too.
  • What show are you binging on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or Showtime?
  • What will be your first vacation once Corona is over.
  • Back of the card. Where do you spend time when not working? Nonprofit?
  • What are you reading? For fun? For work?
  • New hobby or skill picked up during time at home
  • If you could be a superhero … and why
  • Tell a joke

2. Visual Zoom Experiences

  • Everyone comes with a virtual background
  • A food or dessert
  • A vacation spot
  • A movie image
  • Photo of yourself from childhood or memorable event
  • A visual of something that makes you happy
  • Stuffed animal
  • Theme Days
  • Dress accordingly (ex: Harry Potter)
  • Plaid shirts
  • Change up your zoom name
  • Pet Day. Show off your furry little friend(s) with group members

3. Presenter Challenge

  • Prime the pump. Send out information before the meeting about the presentation
  • Request questions in advance to be addressed during meeting

4. Storytelling

  • Everyone tells a story together starting with “Once Upon a Time”
  • Take turns asking ‘Would You Rather’ questions
  • Games like “Two Truths and a Lie” where you reveal fun facts/clues
  • Share stories about an accomplishment you had before turning 18 years old
  • Show something (on your desk or at home) that is interesting or has special meaning
  • Reflection and Takeaways. Have participants reflect on presentation or discussion

5. Breakout Rooms

  • Tell each other about one recent accomplishment or failure
  • Discuss a trending topic in the news
  • Describe how you got into the business you are in

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