By: Helena Stanley

Nearly every professional has a LinkedIn, but what have you done to set yourself apart from others in your industry? LinkedIn is great for finding connections and expanding your network, but if you do not make use of these connections to further relationships with potential clients, you are missing out on potentially expanding your client-base. Here are some ways you can become more active and attractive to potential clients on LinkedIn.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Professional

It is important to keep your profile completely up to date with current experiences as well as relevant background information. The more a client can learn about you and your business, the more they will be inclined to find you trustworthy and may reach out. This means you must have a professional photo, updated work experience, an intriguing “About” section, and any awards, volunteering, or endorsed skills that are applicable. Do not include “fluff” just to buff up your profile, clients want to see what is relevant to what you are currently offering.

Create a LinkedIn Company Page

By creating a web page on LinkedIn for your company, you can keep your connections updated on your company’s news and other important announcements. Your company page should also be visually appealing with your logo and other photos relating to your industry. On this page, you should have links to your website as well as different ways to easily get in touch with either yourself or others in your company. Don’t be shy, invite your personal connections to follow your page! When your personal network interacts with posts from your page, your content will be seen by their connections as well.

Create Relevant Content

Remember always, Content is King! When you post to your personal LinkedIn account or to your company’s page, do not post for the sake of posting. Create content that is business-oriented, and pertinent to your industry that may help to boost your company. This means posting about company updates, or news that can impact your clients. For example, some good content to post would be if you or someone in your company won an award, if your company has appeared in the news, or even information about the services you and your company can provide. By staying updated with who is interacting with your posts, you can reach out and gain more connections who may become potential clients.

Join Groups for your Profession

LinkedIn has various groups that you can join for free that allow for more networking opportunities. You can post your company updates in this group, schedule zoom meetings, or just generally interact with different professionals. This can ultimately lead to others recommending your business and allows you to promote yourself to others.