Even as the US goes back to the office, new “norms” such as the wearing of masks, avoiding handshaking, and the expansion of “personal distance” will become commonplace.   With those norms, it will also be much more common that businesspeople work from home.   With a significant increase in work from home arrangements, businesses will suffer a far more increased risk of security breach as far more information is uploaded, transferred and stored online than ever before.   

 Join us as Tami Semler discusses the ins and outs of proper cyber insurance, Natalie Remien covers the landscape businesses will have to navigate to comply with the ever increasing privacy regulations that seek to protect the personally identifiable information of customers and employees, Jodi Daniels will share practical steps businesses can take to maintain trust and avoid non-compliance privacy law fines or lawsuits, and Asher Dahan will provide hands-on security best practices and tips on how to protect your home network and Corporate data.