Adaptability is a person’s skill to quickly adjust to the changes in the environment without reacting aggressively.

Why I’m discussing it? I was reading a piece about adaptability. So I decided to expand the idea. Let’s see it in detail.

In that piece, the author connected the principle of adaptability with leadership. For leaders, adaptability is all about having a ready approach to new ideas and viewpoints, empowering leaders to adjust and change as circumstances evolve. Using a flexible theoretical approach makes it easier for leaders to use multiple cognitive techniques and mental frameworks. Deepening knowledge and insight helps leaders understand how they have to think, how their team has to think, and how they approach their followers’ thinking. 

Leaders know where they are going. They set a game plan, a vision, and a path to go on. They are confident about themselves and their skills and they know how to get their followers in line and take them where they want to go.

According to John C Maxwell,

“Best leadership moments aren’t when you’re just directed towards a point and know how to go somewhere and lead. Rather it is when you’re adaptable and have the stamina to listen to others and transform your followers’ ideas into your own.”

Leadership is an art. An art in which very few are well versed in it. The art of leadership requires a leader to find their people where they are and then take them where they would like to go. 

To do that, a leader needs a lot of patience to listen, understand, answer, and have a lot of dialogue and discussion. This is an art that must give you the confidence to conquer others’ thoughts and let them make feel empowered. First, listen to understand, not to explain. You should consider and explore before deciding and judging. This is how a leader wins and leads its people successfully.

And the biggest secret to understanding this notion of adaptability is that if you give importance to their opinion, they’ll provide you with respect. If you gain respect, you can lead them in according to your own will. By knowing the challenges they can confront and their strategies at their disposal, leaders can reduce risks and maximize rewards.

Let them basically create the environment, give them space then take them where they want to go. Adaptability leads that a purpose and a vision are necessary to accomplish a goal, but the path must be flexible. It’s essential to have several plans to achieve milestones, rather than sticking to a single plan to fix a problem. That’s where adaptability and leadership art comes in.

AsCharles Darwin says,

“The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability.”

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