01/13/2021 – Episode 60: Strengthen Your Decision-Making With the Enneagram: Part 1 — With Matt Schlegel

Delighted to be in conversation with certified financial advisor Esther Szabo, principal of Gates Pass Advisors, on her Women & Wealth podcast.  Esther and Gates Pass Advisors focus on the specific financial needs of women in transition. I cannot recommend Esther enough for her careful, thoughtful approach to serving her clients.  In this conversation, we explore the decision-making styles of several Enneagram types that Esther often encounters in her practice.  Each type requires a distinct approach within an overarching decision-making framework.  Thanks again to Esther for the conversation and the opportunity to explore the Enneagram in the context of financial decision making.

You can learn more about Esther and Gates Pass Advisors at  www.gatespassadvisors.com

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