The Roaring 2020s are certainly starting with a roar! History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.  I join three authors as we reflect on the Roaring 20s that were the 1920s, how much has changed since that decade, and how much seems the same.

Meet the Authors

Kimberly Layne is author of Connections Change Everything and principal at the Kimberly Connection Company:

Working with Leaders who want to build stronger connections with their teams, and Sales teams who want to build more trust with their clients. It is proven, strong connections build better business results!

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Clare Price is author of Make Remote Work and principal of Octain Growth:

Make Remote Work is for everyone who is looking to reinvent their business for our new remote economy.

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Patricia Watkins is author of Land and Expand and Managing Partner at More Sales Advisors:

Land and Expand shares with CXO’s and sales executives, within companies of all sizes, in all industries, how to increase their sales most effectively.

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Matt Schlegel is author of Teamwork 9.0—Successful Workgroup Problem Solving Using the Enneagram and principal at Schlegel Consulting:

Teamwork 9.0 cracks the code for turbo charged team creativity and extraordinary team effectiveness.

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Time stamps

Matt Schlegel—Strengthening teams through technology 0:00

Clare Price—Embrace new experiences 1:13

Patricia Watkins—Generous appreciation 2:30

Kimberly Layne—Building connections with in-person connections 3:38

Video Transcript

The decade that we remember as the Roaring 20s, the 1920s, is known for vibrance, hope, and celebration.  Innovations in electricity, telecommunications and transportation were booming.  The world was becoming smaller as these technologies brought us all closer together. We had just lived through World War I and the Spanish Flu Pandemic, and people were ready to put those behind them and embrace the future with excitement and enthusiasm.  Importantly, people were craving a sense of community. The technologies of the day helped to build community and strengthen team bonds.

They say, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

As we work through our global pandemic and see light at the end of the tunnel, we again look to the upcoming decade, our roaring 20s, with anticipation of enthusiastic team building as we leverage OUR new technologies.

Thank you, Matt.

Clare, how are you going to CELEBRATE your Roaring Twenties?

Thank you Kimberly! Hey guys did you know that the 1920s was a time when people celebrated life by embracing new experiences –like the Charleston and Speakeasys and by embracing new technologies. Technologies like the first Instant Camera, Jukebox and the big one – television were all developed in the 1920s. In our roaring 2020s, we can celebrate by embracing new experiences too. As business owners we can choose to embrace our digital transformation. Yes, it was thrust on us by the need for remote work and online shopping. Let’s take it as an opportunity to make remote work by building a digital first future. And let’s all celebrate with a stronger, more resilient business in 2021. Back to you Kimberly.

Thank you, Clare.

Patty, how are you going to celebrate your Roaring Twenties?

This is an exciting time for all of us.

The key in 2021 is to celebrate success, big things and small, as we keep moving the needle forward.  Many of my clients had their best year yet, and they all attribute it to being customer-focused during the pandemic!  Zooming has proven to be an effective tool.  We can collaborate better, more often, we have more immediate access to people, we can make things happen faster and we can all celebrate success virtually, faster than ever before.

Someone recently commented on how I send thank you cards and gifts, and noted they found that unique. I found out recently my brother sends out 10 Thank You Cards a week to clients, colleagues and employees, and has for decades.  I think we should all embrace that.

Celebrate your success and thank those around you.  Turn your 2021 into the roaring 20s!  I can’t wait to have our best year yet!

Thank you, Patty.

I love that 1920’s had a spirit of new hope and new possibilities. There was a sense of joy and celebration.  For example, for the first time ever, with shortened work weeks, and the affordability of a car, most American’s were able to experience the joy of a vacation. Woo-hoo! Hard work was able to be paused and celebrated,

I like to think stepping into 2021, we have a bit of extra time on our hands to celebrate. With most of us not commuting to an office, what positive things are you going to pause and celebrate?  Some of my clients are choosing to fill this time to do a family puzzle that is laid out on a card table and provides constant access to community, fun, and a shared project. Others, because we are mostly working from home and we are now more accessible, are picking up the phone, for a more emotional and personal connection. Studies show that when we take the time to connect truly personally, and emotionally, not digitally interact, we are happier people at home and at work!   I challenge you, what new possibility of connection are you going to fill your extra time with and Celebrate in 2021?

Let’s toast to this year the beginning of our Roaring Twenties. Strengthening teams, embrace new experiences, show appreciation, choosing emotional connection not digital interaction.

Let’s toast to the new Roaring 20s—cheers!

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