Financial Firm

Torrance, CA

Company Size
5-8 employees

THE CHALLENGE – Customizing Communication for New Leads

It is an undeniable fact that all businesses need new business. Reaching and engaging with quality leads is critical for the success of a financial advisory firm. What better way to woo potential clients than with personalized communication based on their buyer persona profile. 

This Torrance CA based financial firm wanted a way to collect new leads and sort the new leads into one of their four pre-established personas. They needed this information sorted into their CRM, RedTail, and they needed to configure which persona each lead best-fit and send them custom communication based on that persona.

THE OBSTACLE Using Google Forms to Collect Leads Works But Not Well

The first attempt at collecting leads and identifying personas was done with a questionnaire made with Google Forms. Once a new lead completed the questionnaire, this financial firm would manually add each lead to their CRM and manually calculate each lead’s persona using Google Sheets. Then a financial advisor would send the lead an email using customized language for that persona with more details. 

The form was a success engaging with new leads, but it was a tedious task, taking about ten minutes per lead to complete. While the firm was receiving just one or two questionnaires a week, it was a very doable task. 

Then the firm’s marketing efforts in a podcast resulted in 60 new questionnaire submissions in just one week! The tedious task became a tedious problem.

THE SOLUTION – Integrating Lead Generation with CRM and Email

After learning more about the pain points of this manual process, RooksDM was able to create a slicker-looking questionnaire that automatically calculated each lead’s persona by using Typeform.

Then using Microsoft Logic Apps they were able to connect the Typeform to their CRM and send automated emails with customized messages based on each lead’s persona. Amazing, right!?

What once was a manual process, taking ten minutes per lead, now works quietly and automatically on its own without taking financial advisors away from other work. 

Check out the example below.

THE RESULTS – Getting New Leads and Automatically Sending Customized Emails

Last year, the financial firm received over 500 new leads using their Typeform questionnaire and all that information is synced into their CRM and the first communication effort is sent automatically. 

The impact of automating marketing efforts for lead generation:

  • 10% or greater revenue increase within six to nine months
  • 16.5% higher campaign response rates and conversion rates
  • 85% decrease in cost per lead

Information from Customer Experience Matrix.

In the end, this financial firm was able to personalize engagement with leads without even lifting a finger.

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