In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Catherine O’Connell discuss:

  • Being your own brand in a solo firm. 
  • Maneuvering through a list of contacts and utilizing organizational contacts. 
  • Tips for handling meetings with Japanese clients. 
  • Greetings and etiquette for leaving meetings. 


Key Takeaways:

  • What is risky to one person, may not be considered a risk by other individuals. 
  • In Japan, introductions are your gold medal door opener – don’t cold call, because the relationship matters more. 
  • When you are working with different cultures, you have to understand the social context of what people are saying rather than the exact definition of the words being said. 
  • Having a digital business card is becoming a new trend as the world learns to continue networking in a COVID and post-COVID world. 


“Working in Japan, and being successful here, is all about the long game. You’ve really got to be here and invest in relationships. It will take a long time until you can actually build up enough rapport with somebody to have a business relationship with them.” —  Catherine O’Connell


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