Fostering a civil workplace is key to the future of work. As organizations reintroduce their people to the workplace, they must also reckon with social responsibility. It is one thing for management to express a desire for positive social change. It is quite another to “walk the talk” to create a civil work environment.

In this episode with Dan Smolen, Sejal

Describes her role as Chief Civility Officer for TrainXtra. Starts at 2:57
Relives growing up as a bullied “other” in the Chicago suburbs. Starts at 4:26
Relates the experience of representing clients accused of workplace incivility, bias, and discrimination. Starts at 7:52
Defines the term microaggression. Starts at 21:58
Pairs the civility narrative with the return to the workplace. Starts at 29:39
Explains how fostering a civil workplace provides positive ROI benefits. Starts at 32:12

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