Chicago, IL

Company Size
13 employees


Founded by immigrants, this boutique full-service immigration law firm is dedicated to its clients and their cases. They pride themselves on being responsive to clients and potential clients, but as they began to receive more and more inquiries, they realized their processes were slowing them down, impacting their service, and holding them back from growing.


When a prospective client submitted an inquiry on the firm’s website, the firm’s attorneys and staff had to do a lot of manual work before they even had their first meeting with the client. They were spending valuable time copying and pasting client information into their database, customizing engagement letters, and scheduling initial meetings. New inquiries were getting bottlenecked, costing them valuable billable time and impacting the client’s experience. 

They needed an easier way to:

  • Assign attorneys to new client inquiries and schedule appointments
  • Send the client an engagement letter and receive back an executed copy
  • Collect payments
  • Schedule meetings


After learning about the law firm’s processes and identifying their pain points, RooksDM came up with a plan to automate their intake and scheduling process. We implemented an end-to-end solution for client intake, from the moment the client submits an inquiry to their first meeting with an attorney. 

Based on dynamic criteria on the inquiry form, like preferred language or matter type, an attorney is assigned to the prospective client. An engagement letter is then automatically populated and sent to the prospective client for their electronic signature. The client then automatically receives an email to schedule an appointment and make a payment. 

The technology solutions included: 

  • Jotform
  • HelloSign
  • Calendly 
  • Paypal for payment processing


The tools and technologies RooksDM implemented freed up valuable time for the law firm’s attorneys and staff. Now, the entire client intake process is 100 percent automated. This has saved the law firm 30-60 minutes per client inquiry, allowing attorneys to focus on billable work and enabling them to take on new clients and continue to grow their business. Clients also enjoy a quick and seamless intake experience, setting the stage for a successful engagement.

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