Family Law Practice

Chicago, IL

Company Size
11 employees


It’s no surprise that when a company experiences growth — especially a merger — that processes need to be reviewed and updated. For this Chicago law firm, that was the case. After merging two firms together, they realized that their intake process was cumbersome and prevented them from growing. 

Too much time was being spent on manual data entry and document creation. Their goal was to create an efficient system to eliminate steps for the firm’s team and create a better client experience.


Prior to speaking with a client, the law firm needed to have a signed retainer agreement on file in order to begin working with them. This process was similar to other small firms — attorneys manually copied and pasted data from an email inquiry into a Microsoft Word template. 

While this process works for a small firm, manual data entry becomes a burden when you receive multiple inquiries per week. When this Chicago law firm first began working with RooksDM, they knew this process could be updated but weren’t sure where to start.


RooksDM stepped in and proposed the law firm begin using Lawmatics to help facilitate the process of creating a retainer agreement. They were able to take the firm’s existing retainer agreements and upload them into the CRM. They also mapped fields from the CRM to the retainer agreement to make the process of generating a retainer agreement simple and quick.

Now when an attorney is speaking with a prospective client, they simply:

  • Click a button to create a retainer agreement
  • Select which retainer agreement
  • Select which client 
  • Send the retainer agreement via the system with the ability to e-sign the document

Not only did this change improve the client experience drastically, staff at the law firm have now saved hundreds of hours each month on unnecessary data entry and emailing. This simple change is not only saving the law firm time, it’s allowed them to increase billable hours and decrease leads falling through the cracks.

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