Across America this week, families will come together to celebrate Thanksgiving 🦃 and to express gratitude 🙏. This is an especially poignant year, given the interruptions the pandemic has imposed on family gatherings.

This opportunity to express our gratitude is steeped in tradition. Perhaps the early settlers and indigenous people knew that expressing gratitude was good for their well-being.

When we adopt a mindset of noticing and appreciating the positive in our lives, our well-being is enhanced. Research demonstrates that gratitude practices can reduce stress, make us happier and less depressed.

The emerging research on gratitude shows that not only do individuals benefit from gratitude practices, but groups benefit as well. In the workplace, gratitude can help strengthen relationships and promote prosocial behavior. This translates to increased employee job satisfaction and employee effectiveness.

Gratitude is something we can practice in our lives and in our work every day, not just on a single day in November. For this week, bring on the gravy and the gratitude!