As you age, your financial situation may change and you may have to make a decision that can be tough. But it can also be a relief to take a step back from the pressures of financial tasks so you can live with less stress. While no senior wants to lose their independence, it’s okay to get help especially when it comes to your finances. In fact, elder care accounting services can help seniors maintain their independence and protect their financial well-being. Here’s what you should know.

Personalized Financial Support 

You should know that no two situations are alike, so your elder care accounting services must be personalized to what you need. For example, you may want help handling a specific aspect of your finances, or you may want your entire financial situation handled including assistance with the operational aspects of your home. Cookie-cutter services are not in your best interest, so speak to a CPA that specializes in eldercare services.

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Caring for the Needs of Seniors

At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we have decades of experience in helping seniors by taking on a fiduciary role to support their needs. We specialize in caring for the financial and other needs of our community’s seniors. That’s why we offer an array of financial services for seniors in California, see more below.

Our Elder Care Accounting Services include:

    • Organizing and reviewing finances
    • Managing day-to-day income and expenses
    • Coordinating with other professionals, such as attorneys, for the client’s wellbeing
    • Providing recommendations for in-home caregivers and other services
    • Helping out-of-state adult children manage their parents’ care and best interests
    • Checking in to remind our clients that they have a partner just down the road

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California Elder Care Accounting Services

Get the support you need to navigate the road ahead by helping you understand how to make the best choices for your circumstances with the Marcia L. Campbell, CPA team. Our services are personalized to meet each of our client’s individual needs. These can range from accounting services for seniors to acting as a professional trustee. In every interaction, our team acts with integrity and genuine interest. We get to know each of our clients far beyond their names and account ledgers – we get to know their best stories and biggest smiles.

Do you need elder care accounting services in California? Schedule time with Marcia L. Campbell, CPA.

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As the most experienced CPA in the Inland Empire who specializes in working with seniors, Marcia L. Campbell is committed to helping each client thrive by caring for their personal and financial wellbeing with genuine interest, well-established expertise, and a focus on respectful partnerships. Marcia’s team specializes in a number of services including elder & financial care, court & trust accountings as well as private fiduciary and tax services. At Marcia L. Campbell, CPA, we understand the importance of our clients’ individual needs and are committed to helping them make the best personal and financial decisions for their future.

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