It’s official! Our company, Culture Works, is two—happy anniversary to us! We are so excited to continue working with our amazing clients to make productivity soar, reduce churn, and operationalize culture through:

  • HR Consulting
  • Culture Operations
  • Talent Recruitment
  • And more!

We love operationalizing the vision of role and value alignment through true culture operations and culture accountability, and can’t wait to do more of it.

In the spirit of Culture Works turning two, we asked some of our team members to reflect on our two-year journey. Below are a few of their thoughts… Cheers!

Reflecting On Our Two-Year Journey

Who? Amber McQuail, Culture Operations

What She Has to Say: “Culture Works’ mission and values are not just words on a page, EVERYONE definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. It’s intentional collaboration, it’s inclusive, it’s thoughtful and caring, it’s impactful and it’s FUN!  I’ve watched the team double in size over the last year, and it’s been so rewarding to see an entire group of professionals grow and thrive alongside their clients and always be eager for more.”

Who? Claudia Parker, Branding Operations

What She Has to Say: “It is exciting to partner with companies that share our passion for employees and company culture. We have a fun, dedicated, passionate, committed, and collaborative team who love working with our clients in making a positive impact on the lives of their employees, their company culture, and the long-term vision of the business.”

Who? Courtney Harrison, Partner Operations Manager

What She Has to Say: “Since I have been with Culture Works I have seen the team and our clients evolve dramatically. Our team collaborates and elevates the level of work product for our clients to unbelievable heights. I get so excited to see the impactful work and hear about how our team works so hard to customize, humanize and simplify everything for our clients.”

Who? Cymbre Brown, HR Generalist

What She Has to Say: “We have managed to create this cohesive group of people who genuinely love what they do. We work so well together and understand how to capitalize on each other’s strengths to provide the very best results to our clients. I have never worked with a group of people that are so committed to a company’s vision. I am so proud of all that WE have accomplished.”

Who? Jenn Owens, HR Consultant

What She Has to Say: “Internally, we have focused on being a learning organization developing our HR knowledge for our clients and our own personal growth from a professional and emotional intelligence lens. Externally, our focus on partnering with companies to better understand their business and how we can help them build an amazing place for their employees to work has shown that HR is a partner here to help make company culture better.”

Who? Lea Vergara, HR Generalist

What She Has to Say: “Joining Culture Works has been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my career. Our team is so supportive – of each other and our clients. I love that we genuinely care for our clients, and it is rewarding to see them change for the better as organizations through their partnership with Culture Works.”

Who? Margie Holmstrom, Senior HR Generalist

What She Has to Say: “I have been with Culture Works for about 7 months now and I am so impressed with the company and its leader, Kristi! She ‘walks the talk’ in every way and that’s not something you see every day in business. Whenever we provide HR guidance, work products, or process improvements, clients never fail to express how grateful they are. I’m so excited for Culture Works’ 2-year anniversary – I can’t wait to see what our future holds! I’m thankful to be a part of this amazing company and team!”

Who? Sabrina Vonch, L&D Specialist

What She Has to Say: “I was recently asked, ‘What would I change about Culture Works?’ This question, in sincerity, stumped me. As a learning organization, Culture Works is committed to a growth mindset. This mindset allows us to stay innovative not only for our team but also for our clients. If something is not working, we learn from it, make the necessary changes to improve and keep moving forward. We are inherently fostering change and embracing our company values daily – I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Who? Simone Jones, Culture Operations Partner

What She Has to Say: “Since I joined Culture Works, I have seen the quality of our work evolve, providing impactful and innovative products to our clients. The ability to work with clients who are aligned with our mission and values allows us to truly elevate their culture and employee engagement.”

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