Annette Hines, host of Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast hosts a minisode to address how to combat feelings of being unmotivated or uninterested in life. When you recognize that you’re a little off, it’s probably time to sit and reflect on your goals and make a list to identify your tolerations.  Ask yourself: “What am I tolerating in my life that I should not be putting up with?” A key foundation to staying energized in life is creating a 90-day plan, an annual plan, and a great life plan to figure out what your goals are and achieve the best life you can have.

What are Tolerations?

Tolerations can be personal and simple like putting up with a hurting tooth or more complex in your professional life like putting up with people speaking condescendingly to you at work. Write a list of everything that bugs you–try for a list of 100 tolerations.  Then pick 10 items of the 100 that you can address immediately such as making an appointment with the dentist to take care of a painful tooth.

Using What Bugs You to Create a Plan to Accomplish Your Big Goals

While the simpler issues can be resolved quickly, the bigger items cannot be solved in one step.  These larger problems may run in themes like health and wellness or lack of funding for your adult disabled child.  What themes do you find in common?  Use the themes to identify some goals for the next 90 days or year by breaking apart the end goal into action steps that you can accomplish each month or quarter.  Think about your kid’s IEP: it’s the same idea. You want to have a list of action steps or goals each period so you can continuously make progress against a much bigger goal. Spending the time to identify these issues allows you to really understand what’s really bothering you or eating away at your soul.  As soon as you start making progress and crossing items off of your list, the emotional benefit is huge and your motivation will return.

So what are you tolerating in your life? Please send Annette your tolerations. She really wants to hear back from you. Click here: or click below to submit your comments or email her at:

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