Host Annette Hines opens the episode sharing about the month of September and the celebrations of Special Needs Companies, which includes the 10 years of service of Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts and 3 years of hosting Parenting Impossible Podcast!  Plus, this month is the start of the online Transition Planning Masterclass & Coaching Programs: Learn more here:

At the root of the philosophy and our recent episode with Parenting Coach Allana Robinson of Uncommon Sense Parenting and the Facebook group: Parenting Posse is this concept: Your child can’t behave well unless they’re calm … and what this means for your parenting.

With actionable recommendations, Robinson explains how to gain back control by calming ourselves first as parents and collaborating (not compromising) with our kids.  Based on her research with parents in many different countries and situations, Robinson shares that most parents are spending upwards of 6 HOURS a day dealing with behavior struggles with their children.

Gain some accessible tips from the discussion and online through Robinson’s website:

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