With the election upcoming on November 8, 2022, New York employers need to make sure they are complying with their obligations under the New York State Election Law concerning employee time off to vote.

In New York, registered voters are entitled to up to two hours of paid time off, at either the start or end of their shift, to vote in an election. To be eligible for paid time off to vote, the employee must not have at least four consecutive hours either before or after the employee’s shift during which polls are open. Employees who need to take time off from work to vote, must notify their employers between ten and two days before the election.

As we have posted before prior elections, employers in New York are required to post a Notice of employees rights at least ten days before the election. Any employers that have not yet done so, should do so immediately. This year presents unique issues for employers, with many New York workers working remotely. The notice posting requirement under the Election Law does not specifically address how to provide notice to remote workers. Thus, any employers with employees currently working remotely, should consult with qualified legal counsel for advice on how best to comply with the Election Law’s notice requirements.

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