MDRT members explain how their business benefited from confronting difficult crossroads.

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Stacy L. Kahan, CLTC, a 28-year MDRT member from Skokie, Illinois, USA explains one way she manages remote employees.

Kahan: To hire the right person, you must have a very detailed job description of what their job is, expectations of the job and how you’ll hold them accountable. Now that many of my employees work remotely, it has become even more of a necessity to make sure they know what their job entails because they aren’t seeing and hearing managers and peers firsthand. At one point, when I was traveling frequently, I asked everyone to log in their daily calls and what was said on their calls. Then I would read over the logged calls nightly. I found mistakes along the way and worked with each individual to ensure they corrected them. Each individual was held accountable for their mistakes, and I would sit in on calls with the client as they corrected them. These lessons were imperative. Employees learned and grew from these lessons. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” I think taking the time to explain and make sure employees know what is expected of them, teach them and help them learn from their mistakes means the difference between providing clients with service versus outstanding service, and encourages a growth mindset in employers too.

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Stacy Kahan, CLU®, RFC®


Stacy is the Founder of 1706 Advisors and has led its growth and expansion for over thirty years.

She learned the business from the inside out from her father and went on to start her own…


Stacy Kahan, CLU®, RFC®


Stacy is the Founder of 1706 Advisors and has led its growth and expansion for over thirty years.

She learned the business from the inside out from her father and went on to start her own firm, Lang Financial Group, in 1994. She grew Lang Financial Group (LFG) from a start-up to an established enterprise that has helped thousands of people and businesses protect what they care about. In 2019, she expanded the business even further by bringing in strategic human resource consulting. Stacy is known for her visionary leadership, passion for the business, and ability to solve any problem. She graduated from the Wisconsin School of Business with a degree in Risk & Insurance and Finance, and is a Chartered Life Underwriter at the Masters level. Stacy’s daughters are now leading the business into the future under its new moniker, 1706 Advisors.

Alana Kahan, RFC®


Alana is 1706 Advisors’ President, responsible for executing the strategic mission of the firm. She’s known for combining out-of-the-box thinking with operational expertise, creating the big picture vision of the business and then executing ideas to completion.

She leads all new business development, oversees client onboarding to ensure seamless interactions, and manages the firm’s team of experts, employees, and strategic partners. Alana takes a long-term view of client relationships, tailoring practical strategies for them as their needs change and grow, and empowering them with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions today and in the future.

Cara Kahan, RFC®

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of 1706 Advisors, Cara is leading the third-generation business forward with a commitment to high-level, data-informed client experience.

She works closely with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and HR directors to ensure their employee benefits and individual insurance programs have the right balance for their goals, work culture, and budget. Cara learned the business from her mother, Stacy Kahan, founder of Lang Financial Group, who learned the business from her father. Prior to her CEO role, Cara worked outside the firm as a banking Vice President, so she has a deep understanding of the business from the client side. She’s known for her commitment to protecting her clients’ bottom line while providing personalized client service. Cara earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder – Leeds School of Business, with a focus in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.