As a personal stylist, and 5th generation expert in the fashion and clothing business, I have seen an amazing resurgence of business professionals who are taking life-changing steps to becoming their “personal best” and elevate their personal brand. With so many Zoom meetings, it’s important to know what factors are working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU as you ask yourself, “How do I want the world to see me?”

Over the past three decades, I’ve helped 100’s of professionals, both in the U.S. and abroad, build, refine and polish their images while serving as their Personal Branding Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist.

So how does this transformation come about? I have a “secret process” that I’ve developed as a result of COVID. I call it my “5-Step Zoom Makeover Process” and is the ultimate answer to many problems that may show up in this “Age of Zoom.” These include:

1. Camera and camera Angle

2. Lighting/Sound

3. Background

4. Clothing Color that work best on you in the space you are in and

5. Zoom-specific Make-up techniques.

I’m going to hone in on Step # 3: How to make the most of your background to elevate your personal brand.

As we all know, your background on Zoom calls shows everything in view of your camera. I’m sure you’ve all seen worst case scenarios with clutter on people’s desks, distracting lighting or unprofessional camera angles.

In my role as a Personal Branding Image Consultant, I provide an objective assessment and real-time suggestions for improvements to your camera and camera angle, lighting, and background. For some, it may require simple modifications that are easily addressed. Others may choose to have a customized, branded virtual background created that displays your company name or logo and works with your company image as well as your hair color and skin tone.

It’s surprising how effective this customized, virtual branded background can be and the positive results that will emerge. My research has revealed that those who take the time to improve how they show-up online experience a higher level of engagement with their clients and target audience, resulting in a higher closing rate and more successful meetings.

By making your virtual setting part of your business outreach plan, you are taking a positive step forward to elevate your brand as your virtual image is now your calling card and is how people are going to remember you!

If you would like a complimentary meeting to assess the steps you can take to elevate your online personal brand and become the best “virtual you,” please contact me at: or: 415-300-5898.