At Culture Works, we get sh*t done, drive results, and take action on undiscovered opportunities. However, this can be a big responsibility and isn’t always as easy as it looks. 

So, how do we do it and why did we start? Today we’re discussing why Culture Works came to be and exploring what the future holds for human resources. 

Let’s hear from Kristi Pastore, the founder and owner of Culture Works. 


Read on to learn more about us and why we do what we do (hint: we love it). 

First, Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Our purpose is to operationalize your culture through improved middle management processes that allow the front line to focus on successful operations, and the leadership team to focus on the future.

Culture Works when Purpose, People, and Process are aligned. When people and processes are aligned, you’ll reach your company’s goals faster.

Why Did Kristi Start Culture Works?

Kristi started Culture Works with the intention of building people with an outcome of building businesses. What better way to do that than have a focus on Culture, Talent, and HR? 

Kristi believes in empowering people with information and the right experiences, so they can make informed decisions and drive their true purpose.

What Are Kristi’s Goals For Culture Works Moving Forward?

Kristi’s priority is to maintain a kickass culture while ensuring the safety of each of her team members. She trusts the Culture Works  purpose, process, and team. 

And we have no doubt that creating and practicing our inclusive culture will only continue to lead to greater company success and individual empowerment.

Why is HR Seen as a Police Force And How Do We Stop It?

HR can be seen as a police force due to a dysfunctional culture. What do we mean by dysfunctional? A culture that is not driven by purpose, role alignment and values. 

To put it bluntly, there are some things missing in the culture of the operations or leadership accountability of culture within the workforce. But it’s also where we are as a society, so we all have to get back to developing out of dysfunction. Companies and Teams need to identify the opportunities to develop what is missing. That’s where we help!

How Can Culture Works Help Find What is Missing?

The Culture Works team starts by accessing the culture of an organization. From this assessment, we can find the opportunities and underdeveloped initiatives to kickstart culture in the right direction.

How do we do it? Let’s discuss our assessments.

Culture Works Assessments 


Our Culture Assessment focuses on purpose, values, & leadership alignment that serve as building blocks for creating your company’s culture strategy, goal alignment, and operationalizing culture.


We explore your current company culture by partnering with leadership and culture influencers, learning from them and inviting them to be a part of the process.


We collaboratively develop a custom assessment process that includes coordination strategy, data collection targets, surveys, and interviews. We then deliver an assessment and roadmap.

What is Commonly Missing?

Some organizations are run solely by money and metrics. We’ll let you in on a little secret: money and metrics are not enough to produce a successful company culture. We focus on factoring in people and purpose with money and metrics to create a thriving workplace culture. 

At Culture Works, We Put People First

We prioritize valuing employees and contributing to employee growth, engagement, and retention. Why? People are often driving the success of an organization: they innovate, they engage, they collaborate.  The people at an organization contribute in a variety of ways that doesn’t just include their job duties. 

That’s why we think it’s so important to have a powerful community of people in your organization and to support them in their roles and development.

Let’s Talk About the Future of HR: What Will It Look Like?

HR in the future will not look like HR today – and we’re okay with that.

Automated Processes

Many of HR’s operational functions will be automated and optimized. This can include functions such as payroll, for example. Why do we think this? Technology is advancing quickly and can be an efficient option in taking over some of the operations. 

That’s why the future HR will bring the human element to organizations.

The Future of Human Resources: The Human Element

We think the future of human resources will be talent development, talent strategy, and building purpose and people-driven businesses.  

While we can trust technology to take care of some processes, we still need HR to bring a human connection to operations such as team and client interactions, as well as talent strategy and talent development.

Learn More About Us

Consider Culture Works. Our goal is to work with you for as long as you and your owners, operators and stakeholders need us!  We do this by operationalizing your culture, fostering the development of your leadership teams, and driving HR initiatives.  

We build Quarterly Game Plans and Culture Success Roadmaps that are focused on Culture, Talent, and HR initiatives and real results.Learn more about our services, here.

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