Commercial sales are exceeding expectations.

“To place this era of unprecedented sales in historical context, the graph…shows South Coast sales volume has followed a stair-stepping growth pattern with three distinct phases, starting with the “great recession” 15 years ago. The recessionary phase lasted through 2011
and was followed by a seven-year stretch averaging $315 million of non-hotel volume. 2022 was the fourth year of a phase averaging $491 million. The primary engine driving the market into higher gear has been the growing influx of capital from individual, corporate, and even
large-scale institutional investors seeking commercial real estate in the South Coast market.”

Some Q4 highlights:

  • Commercial sales generated record volume for the second consecutive year; however, higher
    interest rates will slow sales momentum in 2023.
  • Apartment sales brought record-high dollar volume and record-low cap rates, though greater
    pricing friction due to interest rates is expected this year.
  • Offices offered for sublease doubled as tech tenants adapt to remote work. Traditional office
    vacancy is more stable, and achieved rents are as high as ever.
  • Retail rents continue to appreciate as vacancy tightens everywhere except State Street. Local
    restaurants and retailers are driving the market.
  • Robust industrial leasing activity brought vacancy
    to 1.7% and generated record consideration of $52 million, while pushing rents to new highs.

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