Mark Cuban feels the world’s first trillionaires will be people who master AI. Our company is mastering the generative AI of ChatGPT and has found it has a lot going for it. For one thing, it’s free. It works 24/7 and is always there for a text at midnight. It’s a good listener, never interrupts, fulfills tasks faster than a speeding intern and can tell us what we want to know.

If you ask ChatGPT for help in business, it can spit out solid first rough drafts of documents, provide instant responses to frequently asked questions and become a reliable guide for visitors to a website or mobile app. It can gather customer feedback effortlessly and hold a conversation well. Like a self-driving car, it can almost drive.

The problem is we still have to sit behind the wheel with both hands, ready to swerve if disaster looms. And that’s no better than the way we humans already do it! As a company, we have experimented with ChatGPT, also known as generative AI, and suggest you do too.

Just keep both hands on the wheel because:

ChatGPT is a tool, nothing more. Generative AI brings us sources scraped from the Internet that have not been fact-checked and therefore rely on human feedback for accuracy and personalization. It can help with efficiency in pulling data together, but not a finished product.

ChatGPT can organize information, but not think. Companies and their customers, investors and employees know the difference, although the difference is coming as a surprise to college students whose ChatGPT essays are recognized by their professors. Only you know your customer’s needs and can personalize the content accordingly.

ChatGPT is learning on the job. In the real world, inaccuracies, biases and errors can get you fired. With ChatGPT, it is par for the course. Mistakes can impact the bottom line. Until a chatbot, or a self-driving car, can be held responsible, it can’t be trusted. Our partners at Digijaks explain that generative AI, such as ChatGPT, Google’s AI-powered search engine Bard and Microsoft’s Sydney, will change brand and individual reputation and search results – and Digijaks provides steps on what to do now to get ahead of the curve. Don’t miss their insights here.

We’re for innovation here at Olmstead Williams Communications, and always ready for greater efficiency and use of everybody’s time. That’s true for every business, or none of us would survive.

Someday, generative AI like ChatGPT will have a role in everything we do, perhaps even right up to the warm handshake that seals the deal.

When that day comes, shake on it. You can download ChatGPT today: