We would like to take a moment to celebrate and recognize the incredible contributions of Rebecca Del Secco, our exceptional People & Culture Consultant, who has dedicated six remarkable years to Civility Partners. 

Rebecca began her journey with us as an intern, consistently going above and beyond expectations, and has since become an invaluable consultant, making significant contributions both internally and externally.

Check out this video that we have created, taking you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, highlighting Rebecca’s remarkable journey with us!


Catherine and Rebecca, being office buddies, recently had a wonderfully intimate celebration to mark Rebecca’s anniversary. They even did a LinkedIn live to celebrate the 100th episode of Catherine’s Corner! Even though the rest of us are scattered across different remote locations, we didn’t want to miss out on the joyous occasion. So, we decided to throw an epic virtual celebration during our monthly impact lunch, which is the highlight of our every last Thursday of the month!

During this meeting, we showered Rebecca with heartfelt appreciation, shared our most cherished experiences with her, and offered our warmest wishes!

impact lunch

Kudos, Rebecca, for this outstanding accomplishment! Your determination and perseverance have led you to this well-deserved success! Best wishes as you continue to flourish in your career with our team! 

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