Sometimes there are good reasons to succumb to “distractions” 🌄and go off on tangents 🛣️. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. 🗓️ Occasional procrastination helps us recharge and priorities can change.

But more often, distractions and interruptions are a major source of overwhelm. Going down rabbit holes can just be be an excuse to avoid focusing on what is important. And this can lead to increased levels of stress.

To hear more about that, listen to two great interviews I did on Counsel to Counsel (Episode 109-Sarah Tetlow on Delegating and Dealing with Distraction and Episode 57- Billable Work v. Investment Hours-Sarah Reiff-Hekking on Time Management.)

P.S. I am loosely quoting my brother-in-law’s pastor who used the expression during a sermon he delivered over the weekend.

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