Threads is getting great press, but what will it get you? “Microblogs” or “short message-sharing platforms” like Twitter (now X,) Threads, Bluesky and Mastodon are heating up the social media landscape. Threads is Meta’s new social media platform with 100 million sign-ups in its first week. Compare that to Mastodon (2 million users) and Bluesky (1 million) and you can understand why it is making headlines. The hype leads to questions about Threads’ purpose. Will it be for news, influencers or memes?

Threads has become the standout Twitter (X) rival in just days. Here are five benefits and issues:

– No heavy lifting: A new Threads account lets Instagram followers automatically transfer into Threads for an instant following. It’s a no-brainer for marketing and social teams.
– Increased visibility: The Threads algorithm considers users’ interests and the accounts they follow, which means the Threads account automatically reaches a broader audience. Threads shares relevant accounts and creates groups centered around niche topics, boosting impressions.
– Emphasis on engagement: The primary goal of Threads is to foster online discussions. It motivates users to actively express their thoughts, promoting meaningful conversations. B2B companies can use this for educational purposes, circulating industry news and establishing connections with industry leaders to create networking opportunities. Like Twitter (X), the object of the game is to be and stay active.
– A promising space for media and reporters: PR and marketing professionals have remained loyal to Twitter (X) due to its popularity among journalists as a go-to posting spot. However, Threads is emerging as an alternative for reporters who have been burned by Musk and Twitter (X) and see Threads as more inclusive. CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski sees its potential for content sharing and idea sourcing. Where good reporters go, good PR goes.
– Shiny new object factor: Users drawn to the lure of this new toy are already posting less. Is it because Threads favors personal news over business issues and news, or because initial interest has worn off and users are evaluating how to fit Threads into their daily lives? Threads will need to prioritize user feedback and offer more features like DMs, keyword search and a desktop view. But Meta has to figure that out, not us.

Every business needs to be active on social media, keep an open mind and engage with new opportunities. To thrive is the goal, so we’re giving Threads a try. Check it out and tell us your thoughts. Threads: @OWCPR