In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Brett Trembly discuss:

  • Scheduling time off, not dropping agreements with yourself. 
  • The need to delegate to grow your firm. 
  • Tracking ALL of your time (not just the billable time). 
  • Getting over the mental minutia and the fear of hiring. 


Key Takeaways:

  • You are losing money every time you do a $10 job that you can pay someone else for when you charge way more than that per hour. 
  • Hiring a good executive assistant will free up enough time for you to double your output and double your income. 
  • Your first hire should be someone to delegate to so you can protect your time as a law firm owner and allow you to focus on what only you can do (and what you love to do). 
  • When you hire, you can use those employees to help build your training material and process and procedure manuals. But you need the hands-on deck before you can build those SOPs.


“You absolutely need to protect your time as the law firm owner more than anything else.” —  Brett Trembly


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