A single keyword focus isn’t enough if you want your law firm to get seen at the top of a Google search.

Google’s used semantic analysis to get better and better at returning relevant search results.

And marketers who have embraced semantic search for their clients have leapfrogged over competitors by focusing on consumer language and understanding the power of context in driving organic traffic.

How Smart is Your Firm’s Content?

Smart content goes beyond just matching keywords. It aims to understand user intent and real meaning. Rather than fixating on a keyword, semantic SEO looks for the bigger picture or concept behind the search query.

Search engines are getting better at recognizing related terms and phrases. By naturally incorporating synonyms and related phrases in your content, you can boost your rankings for a wide range of relevant queries.

Success Takes Research, Though.

You must be comfortable inside your ideal prospect’s mind. Understand their language, pain points, and how they express their needs.

We do traditional keyword research, but we aren’t shy about social listening and client surveys. We comb through content looking for the words and phrases that will resonate.

We optimize content for humans first by prioritizing prospect needs over strict keyword matches. You can’t lose when you create content that genuinely addresses what your audience is looking for.

Don’t be afraid to write with style – in fact, you should be more afraid to NOT write with your voice front and center in every piece.

More robot content means authentic human voices will capture loyal attention quicker.

If you have the skills to get technical, look at structured data and schema markup. Both these give search engines better context about your content and can even earn you coveted SERP features.

And with everything, you’ve got to keep an eye on your rankings and user engagement.

Measure what matters. Build authority. Dominate your market.