Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is the idea that all people should be treated equally and fairly, regardless of their age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other legally protected factors. Leaders in today’s workforce have a responsibility to ensure that their organization follows a framework that incorporates DEI. Those who lead multi-generational teams may wonder, how DEI impacts employees of different generations.

How Different Generations View Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Each generation in today’s workforce, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, brings a unique perspective to the DEI discourse. About 46 percent of U.S. workers between the ages of 50 and 64 view DEI in the workplace as a good thing, whereas about 68 percent of workers between the ages of 18 and 29 think the same. 

While older generations may see DEI as a relatively recent and evolving concept, younger generations tend to prioritize it as an inherent aspect of what they expect at work. A leader who understands these varied viewpoints can effortlessly foster a healthy environment in which his or her team can thrive. 

How DEI Impacts Employees of All Ages

DEI initiatives hold the power to transform the workplace experience for individuals of all generations. An experienced employee may find new perspectives and opportunities for growth as their workplace becomes more equitable and inclusive. A younger employee may expect a diverse workplace from the outset and can thrive in an environment that promotes DEI.

Why Incorporate DEI?

When you make a point of including a diverse array of people in your team and treating them fairly, you empower your team members of any generation to bring their authentic selves to work. You send them a powerful message: that character and performance are the qualities that will lead them to success. 

There are many reasons to incorporate DEI into your organization’s culture and practices. The benefits of a robust DEI framework extend far beyond mere compliance. Leaders who take DEI seriously experience various advantages:

Improved Employee Satisfaction

A culture of inclusion reduces stress while boosting morale and overall job satisfaction.

Increased Productivity

Employees who feel valued are more productive and engaged.

Better Decision-Making

Diverse perspectives lead to more well-rounded and informed decisions. 

Attracting Top Talent

Inclusivity can drastically widen the talent pool. In addition, organizations that embrace DEI become attractive to diverse, high-caliber talent.

Building a Great Reputation

Customers, clients, employee candidates, and colleagues alike respect organizations that demonstrate the skill and dedication to champion DEI.

How Leadership Coaching Can Help You Incorporate DEI Into Your Workplace

Leadership coaching can be a game changer when it comes to fostering DEI. At LEAP Coaching, we help leaders cultivate inclusivity, navigate the challenges of DEI, and set the tone for DEI within their organization. Give us a call at (847) 212-4903 to discuss how we can help you build a team that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and strong. 

In today’s diverse and multi-generational workforce, being able to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion is more than just an ideal; it’s a fundamental necessity for success and growth. Are you up to the challenge?