Not all important skills are easily measurable. Unlike technical skills or hard skills, power skills are usually not learned through formal education. They can be harder to identify and quantify. That’s because power skills, also known as soft skills, are personal qualities like emotional intelligence and the ability to work harmoniously with others. 

Power skills are instrumental in building strong relationships and driving personal and professional success. A leader’s ability to solve problems, communicate, and foster a positive work culture all hinge on the quality of their power skills. So, how do power skills rise to the top, and how can leaders harness them?

Why Power Skills Are Vital for Success

Every successful leader knows that technical prowess is not enough to do the job well. It’s about being able to understand, motivate, and guide a team. Power skills are the key to achieving these objectives. They empower leaders to communicate their vision, build trust, resolve conflicts, and inspire their team to excel. 

10 Critical Power Skills to Hone

What makes you tick? Don’t be afraid to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interpersonal relationships and communications with your team. Self-awareness is an excellent first step in building your power skills. Try to identify which capabilities would help you succeed in your particular role. Consider these 10 critical leadership skills: 

Good Communication

Effective leaders communicate with clarity, empathy, and active listening.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and managing emotions, both your own and others, is important.


A leader must be flexible and open to the change that inevitably occurs in a dynamic business environment.

Ability to Work With a Team

It’s essential to be able to collaborate and engage in teamwork effectively. 


Understanding and relating to the feelings and perspectives of others is a cornerstone of good leadership.


Some say that leaders are, above all else, problem solvers. Identifying and resolving complex problems is an art that every leader has to develop.

Conflict Resolution

The successful mediation of conflicts between team members is a vital power skill for any team leader.


Thinking creatively is a boon not only for the artists. Creative leaders inspire their teams to be innovative and original.

Time Management

Efficiently managing time and priorities is a key power skill. 


Adaptability is a skill that is often overlooked until it is too late, but it is arguably the most important one. An adaptable leader is one who is flexible and able to face even the most unexpected challenges head-on.

LEAP Coaching

Power skills are undoubtedly the linchpin of successful leadership. Having the ability to enable, connect with, inspire, and guide your team is non-negotiable. They are essential when it comes to having an edge in today’s corporate market.

If you’re serious about growing your power skills to become the best leader you can be, LEAP Coaching is here to assist you along your journey. We can help you build the power skills you need for fluid and effective leadership. Contact us today at (847) 212-4903 to chat about how you can cultivate the skills that will set you apart and drive your success.

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