How can mediation benefit families in Orange County family court, who have already started the divorce litigation process? As a California divorce mediator, I have helped couples and families resolve and move past conflicts, separations, and divorce.

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If you are considering mediation, it is something that I personally suggest – not out of bias, but out of seeing the benefits of working with families as they transition through a very difficult time in their lives.

Key Differences: Mediation vs. Litigation

Litigation can be a costly and emotionally charged process within the formalities of the court system. Clients who have transitioned from litigation to mediation often express a wish to have known about this option earlier.

Mediation is centered on trust, honesty, and collaboration. It provides an opportunity for healing broken relationships and preparing families for the next steps in life.

Does mediation offer a smoother transition than divorce litigation?

Absolutely. Mediation focuses on maintaining healthy post-divorce relationships through open and honest communication. It ensures a solid foundation as both parties move forward, recognizing lasting connections that may persist even as paths diverge.

Unlike litigation, mediation also prepares families for life after the legalities of divorce.

Can mediation address unresolved issues from previous court proceedings?

Mediation excels at addressing overlooked details that may not receive sufficient attention in court.

By providing a space for parties to discuss important nuances, mediation allows for comprehensive understanding, ensuring clarity for both sides. Each party can transparently express concerns, fostering a civil relationship while working towards a common goal.

What role does mediation play in preserving strained family relationships?

Mediation bridges communication gaps created by the adversarial nature of litigation. Unlike the combative mindset of litigation, mediation mitigates animosity, particularly when addressing sensitive family topics. It’s a process that seeks common ground and promotes understanding.

In contrast to litigation, where important topics may be overlooked due to its formal nature, mediation thrives on its more relaxed approach. The mediator plays a crucial role in ensuring that no stone is left unturned, gaining a clear picture of how best to assist the parties.

Should I choose mediation over litigation?

In my personal opinion, yes. Choosing mediation provides a regret-free experience, leaving you feeling heard and equipped to navigate difficult conversations in various life situations (not just divorce!).

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by: Ahsha Mootz

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