There is no doubt that hard skills, which are practical or technical capabilities that a person can learn to boost their performance, are important in the workplace. For example, a leader might exhibit such hard skills as financial acumen and expertise in using certain computer programs. 

Too often, however, focusing on hard skills causes leaders to overlook the importance of power skills (also known as soft skills or interpersonal skills). Power skills are the non-technical abilities, such as communication and problem-solving capabilities, that require emotional intelligence to achieve. 

Leaders and their teams are recognizing that power skills are quintessentially important when it comes to effective leadership. Let’s talk about power skills and why they are rising to the forefront of leadership today.

Key Power Skills

The list of emotional-intelligence capabilities is nearly endless. Which power skills are most important for today’s leaders to harness?

Effective Communication

If you take nothing else away from this article, remember this: communication is key. Leaders who are adept at conveying their ideas, actively listening, and fostering a climate of open dialogue establish a strong foundation for their team.


In an era defined by change, adaptability is a critical power skill. Leaders who can pivot, embrace new challenges, and guide their teams through uncertainty are in the best position for success.

Conflict Resolution

There comes a time when every leader finds themself in the oft-uncomfortable position of being responsible for meditating or resolving a conflict. Conflicts can arise among team members, between employees and employers, and between your organization and others. The capacity to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively is a vital power skill. Leaders who approach conflicts with diplomacy and seek mutually beneficial solutions strengthen their team and their organization as a whole.


You don’t have to be a professional artist to hone creativity in your craft. Make a habit of thinking outside the box to come up with original ideas and solutions. Encourage and champion creativity among your team members, as well.

What Makes Power Skills Increasingly Essential?

Being a strong leader means being able to set the tone for your team and steer the way to success. As such, solid people skills are indispensable. A leader who has cultivated their power skills has a great edge over those who have not. 

As cultural sensitivity and global outreach become increasingly important in the workplace, so does the ability to successfully navigate cross-cultural communication and collaboration. We also live in a time of unprecedented challenges, which means that organizations whose leaders demonstrate creativity and adaptability in their approach are better positioned to survive and thrive. 

How Can Leadership Coaching Help You Develop Your Power Skills?

Leadership coaching serves as a personalized catalyst for power skill development. At LEAP Coaching, we work collaboratively with leaders to identify strengths and areas for improvement to create tailored strategies for power skill enhancement. Call (847) 212-4903 to chat with us about how we can support your growth as a leader. As power skills become the linchpin in effective leadership, are you ready to rise to the top?