According to recent data from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Canada attracts more foreign direct investment than all other countries except the United States and Brazil. Within a single year, foreigners invest tens of billions of dollars into the Canadian economy. Investing in Canada obviously provides exceptional returns. Why else would so many foreign nationals send their hard-earned cash to Canada? However, some benefits of Canadian investments are less obvious. If you invest in Canada, you might also receive a visa as a reward. Who gets investor visas in Canada? What kind of investment opportunities should you consider? Why should you choose an investor visa over other visa options? To answer these questions and many others, get in touch with Ackah Law.

Investor Visa Requirements in Canada

There are a few different options when it comes to investor visas in Canada. If you choose the Start-up Visa program, you will need to invest $200,000 if your funds come from a designated Canadian venture capital fund. If you get your investment from a designated angel investor group in Canada, you only need $75,000. Your lawyer can help you determine where to source your investment from.

The exact requirements vary depending on each visa. However, you should prepare to invest a significant amount of money into the Canadian economy if you want to secure a visa. In addition, you should also review the general requirements for Canadian visas and permanent residency. You may need to undergo medical exams and criminal background checks before your visa is approved by Canadian authorities. Another important consideration is the language requirement. Remember, Canada is a bilingual country. You may pass the language requirements if you have an acceptable mastery of either English or French.

Investment Opportunities in Canada

You can apply for an intra-company transfer visa if you create a new business in Canada. Technically speaking, this visa allows managers and specialized employees to move between foreign branches and Canadian subsidiaries. However, you can treat this as an “investor visa” if you establish a new company and then transfer yourself to the new branch in Canada.

You might also choose the C11 Work Permit. Also known as the “Entrepreneur Stream,” this federal immigration program lets you relocate to Canada if you invest in a Canadian business. You can also relocate to Canada if you set up a new Canadian business. As long as you continue operating your business for one year, you can then apply for permanent residency. A similar program is the “Entrepreneur LMIA” program. This program is very similar to the C11 Work Permit, but it is associated with a much shorter processing time of just three or three months.

Another option is the federal venture capital program. This program is reserved for those who have net worths over $10 million. If you meet this requirement, you can invest $1 million for 15 years and receive an investor visa. This gives you permanent residency in a relatively short amount of time.

Individual provinces may have their own investor programs. Quebec stands out in this regard, as you can obtain a Quebec Investor Visa by making a five-year, guaranteed investment of $1.2 million in the Quebec economy. You must have managerial experience in specific industries to qualify for this visa.

British Columbia is another popular choice for foreign investors. This province provides three choices for investors: Entrepreneur, Regional Pilot, and Strategic Projects. To qualify, you must invest at least $200,000 in the business. You must also create at least one new full-time job, and you must have a minimum net worth of $600,000. There are other requirements that you might want to discuss with your immigration lawyer.

Alberta also has various investor programs targeted toward its primary industries. There is a “Farm Stream” for agricultural investors, a “Foreign Graduate” program for innovative, college-educated entrepreneurs, and a “Rural Entrepreneur” stream for new businesses in rural communities.

Ontario is often considered the beating heart of the Canadian economy, and it attracts many foreign investors. The “OINP Entrepreneur Stream” in Ontario gives you an investor visa to set up a new business in the province. You need between $200,000 and $600,000 to obtain this visa.

You may be wondering what type of business to set up in Canada. To give yourself the best possible chance of success, you might want to consider the country’s top industries. Canada is a leader in technology and innovation, and it is home to numerous tech startups. It is also home to a very active real estate sector. You might also consider setting up a healthcare company in Canada, as this is a leading industry across the country. Of course, Canada is famous for its agricultural sector. With plenty of farmland, an agricultural business is a common choice for new investors. One of the most overlooked opportunities is in the financial and banking sector.

Benefits of Investor Visas in Canada

There are many benefits that come with investor visas in Canada. If your investor visa does not automatically give you permanent residency, it can nonetheless serve as a “stepping stone” toward citizenship. It also gives you the ability to live, work, and educate yourself in Canada. With an investment visa, you may also have the ability to bring your children, spouse, and other family into Canada. You also have the right to purchase a home without triggering foreign investor penalties. Remember, Canada offers free healthcare to all permanent residents and citizens.

Choose a Qualified Immigration Lawyer in Canada

Investor visas offer many rewards to those seeking new homes in Canada. If you think that this might be the right option, why not discuss the possibilities alongside an immigration lawyer in Canada? During your first consultation with an immigration lawyer, you can ask important questions about your investment goals. Your lawyer can also offer personalized advice that you will not find in an online article. To get started with an investor visa, book a consultation with Ackah Law today.