Revolutionizing Art in the Digital Space

The Smack Happy Curated Art Show emerges not just as an exhibition but as a pioneering exploration of what art can become in the digital age. This initiative goes beyond traditional gallery walls, weaving art into the fabric of the web, transforming business websites into galleries, and turning an online journey into an art discovery adventure.

Why Step Into a Digital Gallery?

As web designers and developers, we know digital presence is as tangible as the physical. And as the boundary between art and audience evolves, we’re intrigued by new and alternative canvases for expression and discovery. A virtual art show offers unique benefits for artists and businesses alike…

smack happy curated art showFor Artists:

Your canvas extends beyond the studio, where your art lives on diverse virtual platforms, gaining unprecedented visibility.

Forget the hassles of packing, shipping, or hand-delivering. A digital showcase means your piece is a click away from its audience.

You’ll reach art enthusiasts beyond your geographical limits. Your art becomes accessible to anyone with internet access, breaking physical barriers.

Participating in this curated show adds a unique credential to your portfolio, opening doors to new opportunities and recognitions.

smack happy curated art showFor Businesses:

Hosting an artwork elevates your website, offering visitors an unexpected journey, enhancing brand allure and engagement.

By integrating art into your online presence, you not only enrich your brand’s narrative but also support and celebrate the vibrant art community.

This unique intersection of art and business fosters new relationships, potential collaborations, and a shared celebration of creativity.

My Vision: Bridging Art and Web Design

At the helm of this adventure is a belief in the symbiotic relationship between art and technology. As an artist and a web designer, I’ve always sought to blend these worlds, creating spaces where art can thrive and reach new audiences. The Smack Happy Curated Art Show is the culmination of this vision, a testament to the potential of digital spaces to host, promote, and celebrate art.

How It Works: An Invitation to Innovate


Who Can Enter: Artists based in San Francisco, the Bay Area, or greater California are invited to apply through a Smack Happy connection. We celebrate diversity in creativity, welcoming artists of all levels and backgrounds to share their vision.

Submission Essentials: We’re looking for original, captivating pieces. From digital submissions to an expert jury selection process, every step is designed to showcase your best work.

The Selection Process: Your work will be reviewed by a panel of jurors, including myself and the talented Smack Happy Team, ensuring a diverse and dynamic exhibition.

Head over to the show website for more about who we’re looking for, terms of entry, and how to submit your work.

Check These Important Dates on the Website


The Opportunity: Transform your website with this unique conversation starter, a memorable moment that distinguishes your business, engaging your visitors in an entirely new way. Here’s an example.

Simple Integration: We handle the installation, seamlessly integrating the artwork into your site, with your final say on presentation.

Promote and Celebrate: As part of this collaboration, you’ll help promote the show, becoming an active participant in San Francisco’s art scene. (Promotional materials will be provided! ?)

Check out the show website for more about how this works, host expectations, and terms of participation.

Smack Happy Curated Art Show – Watch Video

Dive Into the Possibilities

This show isn’t just about displaying art; it’s about redefining the art experience. It’s an opportunity for artists to catapult their work into new realms, for businesses to infuse their digital presence with creativity, and for art lovers to explore and engage with art in a new, dynamic way.

As we forge ahead, blending art with digital innovation, we invite you to dive into the possibilities that the Smack Happy Curated Art Show offers. For artists pondering their next move, and businesses looking to redefine their online space, this is more than an exhibition—it’s a new chapter in the story of art. Visit our website to learn how you can be a part of this exciting venture.

Launching on May 24th, 2024, the Smack Happy Curated Art Show is Nicole Hanusek’s innovative solution to blend her passion for art with her web design business. This virtual art exhibition, exclusive to Smack Happy Design’s network, serves as a dynamic platform to showcase art, foster artist and client connections, and enhance referral networks. Attendees gain access to a curated selection of websites hosting a diverse collection of artworks, each narrating its own unique story, showcasing the vast potential of creative collaboration.

Ready to be part of this innovative journey? Visit our website for submission guidelines, deadlines, and more on how to participate.