How to Manage Time, Wellness, and Self: Part Two

To manage personal wellness, individuals need to make conscious efforts with the goal of improving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

While often associated with yoga classes, seminars, and green juice smoothies, personal wellness should be more a long-term, evolving process than a short-term, achievable goal. Although we admit, we do

Recently, employees’ priorities and desires have shifted—especially as a result of the pandemic.

Many individuals previously valued high-end office amenities and compensation above all else. Now, however, the list of desires has changed dramatically. (That’s not to say that brag-worthy offices and compensation don’t matter!)

There is one element that employers can leverage to improve employee retention: enter learning and

How to Manage Time, Wellness, and Self: Part One

Today, the average employee has a lot on their plate. In addition to work, they have to worry about managing their time, their own personal wellness, and self. At Culture Works, we recognize that many might not know where to start. (Yes, it can be overwhelming!)

Moreover, sharing these tips with

It’s official! Our company, Culture Works, is two—happy anniversary to us! We are so excited to continue working with our amazing clients to make productivity soar, reduce churn, and operationalize culture through:

  • HR Consulting
  • Culture Operations
  • Talent Recruitment
  • And more!

We love operationalizing the vision of role and value alignment through true culture operations and culture accountability, and can’t wait

Congratulations—your team is growing! Your hiring team has endured the interview process and now you’re ready to send out an offer letter to the right candidate. Yay! But wait, what should you include in an offer letter?

In today’s world, a verbal offering should also be supplemented with a formally written document. By offering a job in this way, you

Today’s job market is HOT! As an employer, how can you attract the right talent and build your bench?

The answer? Proactive recruitment.

Let’s talk about proactive recruiting – what is it and what are some strategies your business can implement to do it well? 

What is Proactive Recruitment?

Proactive recruitment is exactly what it sounds like. If you’ve visited