Changes in life may also require changes to trusts. For example, when couples marry or divorce, they may wish to change their distributions so that their spouse or ex-spouse is or is not a beneficiary.  Making changes to a trust so that a court can enforce such modifications requires that the proper legal process is followed.  
Changes to Trusts:

A Hong-Kong based company has filed a motion to dismiss an employment discrimination lawsuit based on unequal pay. Turkish employees allege that Imperial Pacific Casino paid them less than their Taiwanese counterparts under company policies.
In Genc et al. v. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC et al., case number 1:22-cv-00002, which is pending before the U.S. District Court for the

Entering into any divorce typically puts couples in a defensive state of mind. Understandable since our society has depicted divorce as an adversarial process. However, divorce can be a collaborative event in which each party contributes their feelings, thoughts, and hopes for the future of their relationship. When couples have an initial consultation, many of them have questions regarding the

Has your trustee neglected their accounting duties, or simply refuses to carry them out? If so, don’t panic – there’s a set legal process for retrieving accounting for your trust, as well as if your trustee has improperly taken what isn’t theirs. 
Trust accounting in California can pose serious consequences for trustees who refuse their duties, with the potential for

Landmark verdicts and settlements already have occurred in widespread opioid litigation against big pharmaceutical companies. That trend continues as those companies brace for yet another massive wave of trials in upcoming weeks. Calendars from March to May in some of the country’s most significant courts are packed with six opioid trials reminiscent of the first American opioid trials that began

The Coca-Cola Co. has confirmed that it will not move forward with a controversial diversity initiative that would have required its outside counsel to apportion some work to Black attorneys and attorneys from other underrepresented groups.
Bradley Gaston, former general counsel for Coca-Cola, announced the diversity initiative in January 2021. Under the initiative, the overarching goal was for diverse billing

The timing for Mental Health Awareness month this year couldn’t be any more fitting. As U.S. employees struggle to find a balance amid COVID-19 lockdowns and remote work over the past two years, employers are being pushed to take their staff’s hurting mental health into higher account. 
According to SHRM, 2022 has brought upon a new wave of concern