Although high-profile racially charged incidents in recent years have led to a surge in corporate pledges and investments toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the forward movement toward these goals has stalled. DEI leaders who have spearheaded this diversity work have focused on three key reasons why well-intentioned DEI initiatives have failed. 
Failure to Explicitly Connect DEI Objectives to the

The family was baffled. Not only was the will out of date, but it was also unsigned, and the person named as executor had died a decade before their mother died. Grandchildren born after the will was created were not mentioned, and personal possessions left to some people in the will had been given away years ago.This scenario, as described

ADP Inc., a payroll processing business, has filed a motion asking a Florida federal court judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by ex-ADP manager David Schwartz. Alternatively, ADP is asking the court to enter a default judgment in its favor, based on allegations that Schwartz deleted crucial evidence on a company iPad. ADP is requesting a jury instruction in any

How to ANALYZE an IRS Revenue Agent Report
Every IRS audit concludes with a Revenue Agent Report which includes all the findings the IRS made based upon the documents and information collected, and the determination IRS has made. 
An IRS audit starts with a initial audit letter sent to the taxpaye (in the case of our clients, the business owner).

When people have a consultation with us or reach out to work with us one question often asked is “what makes West Coast Family Mediation Center different than other mediators in town?” This seemed like a good question to answer when discussing property, assets, and debts and how a mediator can help.  
CDFA Experience
At West Coast Family Mediation Center,