Magnitude’s Leona Laurie and I Discuss the Intersection of Crisis Management and Forensic Accounting

Crisis Communications: Reputation & the Effects of Financial Investigations
Ken Yormark has seen first-hand the importance of solid crisis communications when organizations are subject to financial investigations. Ken is a CPA and a CFE with over 30 years of experience in forensic accounting and financial investigations,

Buying a business offers the opportunity of exploiting the potential of a recognized brand with an existent customer base that is ready to start operating.

However, purchasing a business is a hefty investment for which you will probably need a loan. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to finance your business acquisition:

1. Verify Your Eligibility


Attorneys Sami Azhari and Don Davidson were published in Law360 for their analysis of an upcoming oral argument in the United States Supreme Court. The case, United States v Samia, is about the admissibility of a redacted co-defendant confession in a joint trial. The article examined the ramifications of the decision and the impact it can have on federal criminal