What You Need to Know About Diverting

Prescription drug abuse has been a significant problem in the country, as many medications can be used for multiple purposes. The increasing use of opioid medications has led to an illegal market for these highly addictive drugs. Some of these drugs may be stolen from hospitals and medical practices for illegal uses. In

Maintaining accurate and detailed patient records is critical for optometrists because it can help them both provide the best possible patient care and it can protect them from possible professional complaints. Some optometrists try to get by with minimal patient charting, but they are taking a significant professional risk. It is always better to be safe and document as much

You have completed all the requirements necessary to obtain a real estate license in California and invested a large amount of time and money in preparing for exams. But as the Department of Real Estate conducts its background check, there’s just one thing that’s causing you anxiety — a past DUI conviction. Do you really need to worry?   Don’t worry;

As an engineer, you’ve dedicated your life to innovation. You have trained yourself to become a real-life problem solver. You’ve spent years dreaming of modernizing the world and made a significant investment in your education. Whether your focus is on civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or land surveying, the expectations for your social behavior can be extreme. Society can seem unforgiving

Tustin-based professional license defense law firm Unlock Legal is proud to announce that founding Attorney Miranda McCroskey is celebrating 25 years of service as an attorney. After starting her career in criminal defense, Ms. McCroskey transitioned to focus her legal practice on defending professionals with issues related to their licensure. This milestone is a testament to Ms. McCroskey’s dedication to

A penalty from the Medical Board of California is not final. An appeal is possible. The right option will depend on the details of the penalty. These options include: reinstatement, early termination of probation or modification.
The odds of a successful request can be increased with these tips:

  • A complete petition packet
  • Proper submission
  • Hearing attendance

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