Attorney Sami Azhari and Professor Aliza Hochman Bloom are published in the semi annual ABA White Collar Crime Newsletter regarding Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. The U.S. Sentencing Commission released proposed amendments to the sentencing guidelines that Azhari and Bloom discussed in their article, as well as proposed suggestions for the Sentencing Commission to consider.

California professionals need a specialized license for each field in which they work. For example, an engineer may teach part-time at a school, meaning they will need both an engineering and teaching certification. There are potential issues when the professional is accused of misconduct that can put their licenses in jeopardy. There can be several enforcement programs with an interest

California teachers are required to be credentialed. If you are convicted of misconduct outside the classroom, you may lose these credentials. As a teacher, you are required to report every criminal conviction. One common conviction that can land teachers in professional trouble is a DUI. Even though it occurred outside work, teachers with an alcohol or substance abuse problem

What You Need to Know About Diverting

Prescription drug abuse has been a significant problem in the country, as many medications can be used for multiple purposes. The increasing use of opioid medications has led to an illegal market for these highly addictive drugs. Some of these drugs may be stolen from hospitals and medical practices for illegal uses. In

Maintaining accurate and detailed patient records is critical for optometrists because it can help them both provide the best possible patient care and it can protect them from possible professional complaints. Some optometrists try to get by with minimal patient charting, but they are taking a significant professional risk. It is always better to be safe and document as much

You have completed all the requirements necessary to obtain a real estate license in California and invested a large amount of time and money in preparing for exams. But as the Department of Real Estate conducts its background check, there’s just one thing that’s causing you anxiety — a past DUI conviction. Do you really need to worry?   Don’t worry;