Elder Care

When an elderly loved one is beginning to require regular healthcare, whether it’s at home, an assisted living center, or a nursing home, coming up with the finances for the care is often more overwhelming than having to come to terms with a loved one who is aging. It’s an unfortunate fact that long-term healthcare for seniors is a significant

The pandemic has certainly made many aspects of life incredibly difficult, and managing the care of a loved one from afar is part of it. This could mean trying to care for them when you’re in the same city but need to remain socially distant, or you could be in another state. Trying to communicate with various people in order

Our boys, Simon & Seth are coming home for the holidays and we are very excited about seeing them. On a sad note, we haven’t seen my dad since the Covid pandemic started and we won’t be spending the holidays with him. I hope you will be able to visit your aging parents, with appropriate safety precautions of course, over

It’s a common consideration to make in terms of keeping your legal assets safe when estate planning in Peachtree: just put them in your kids’ names to keep them from Medicaid liens or other unwanted taxation in case of death or grievous bodily injury. Unfortunately, there is almost never a good circumstance to make this establishment if planning ahead.

If you’ve tried to take the car keys from your aging parent or have offered to help them with their finances, you may have experienced what many other adult children experience: resistance and frustration. Your parents resistance in probably pretty strong and then you may experience an even stronger sense of frustration.

As we grow into adulthood we

We all have roles in life: to some people we may be children, to others, colleagues, to still others, students and teachers and friends and so on. Each of these roles carries with it a set of expectations that should be fulfilled. It can be difficult to know what kind of expectations we should establish for our estate attorney, however.

This week’s blog was written by a colleague of mine, Emily Scott. She’s a Financial Navigator who helps individuals, couples, and families fully align aspects of their financial journey with their life’s purpose and values. In this blog, she explores the interconnectedness of our emotions and our money.

For many people, when the pandemic and shelter in place dramatically changed