In its January 30, 2024, decision in Park v. Kim, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit responded to an attorney who submitted a reply brief in the appeal that cited a nonexistent case that, as it turns out, the attorney obtained through ChatGPT.

The Court informed Counsel it could not locate the case and requested she

The performers’ union SAG-AFTRA has finally reached agreement with the AMPTP, the studios’ bargaining group, after a lengthy strike. The union is touting what it says are breakthroughs in many areas. The new provisions are extensive, comprising 129 pages of dense prose. The consequences of some of these provisions will only become clear over time. One of the new provisions

The Writers Guild has scored a $42 million arbitration award against Netflix for unpaid residuals.

The arbitration involved the Sandra Bullock feature Bird Box. The picture was released for a brief theatrical run before moving to the streaming service. The Guild asserted that this triggered theatrical residuals under the WGA Agreement. Under this formula, the writer gets paid 1.2% of

As the content industry moves inexorably toward a streaming model, linear broadcast and cable channels are looking increasingly to live sports to gain competitive advantage. In the past, streamers have turned away from live sports programming as incompatible with their on-demand model. Sporting events are shown in real time with limited afterlife. As competition for subscribers heats up, however, streaming

Lewis Black is the latest comedian to sue the music streaming service Pandora for copyright infringement. Black is following on the heels of the Robin Williams and George Carlin estates, who sued the platform in February, joined by Andrew Dice Clay, Bill Engvall and Ron White.

All of these suits rely on the same underlying claim, which is that Pandora

When new entertainment media emerge, a wave of litigation follows. Novel means of exploitation challenge lawyers to interpret contracts and statutes in contexts that were not originally contemplated. For example, when backend payments are calculated, it makes a substantial difference whether streaming revenues are treated like television or like home video. The emergence of NFTs is presenting a new set

The consolidation trend in Hollywood continues with the closing of another big merger. The long-gestating acquisition of talent agency ICM Partners by its rival CAA closed today. The deal was first announced almost a year ago but was delayed by Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission scrutiny. The deal leaves three major agencies dominating the field—CAA, WME and UTA.

The Animation Guild (TAG) is on a roll. The union very recently announced a settlement with the AMPTP, the studios’ bargaining representative, on a new blanket contract, up for a ratification vote in late June. This closely followed successful drives to unionize new job classifications on the shows Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty. Titmouse, Inc. also voluntarily agreed to

After coming perilously close to its first strike since 1945, the below-the-line union IATSE ratified an accord with producers in November, 2021. The new Basic and Videotape Agreements covered most, but not all of the locals under the IA umbrella.

One of the locals that was not included is The Animation Guild, Local 839 (TAG), which negotiates separately from the