Estate Planning

Are you in a position where your loved one can no longer manage their finances and daily responsibilities on their own? Whether it’s due to age, illness, or a disability, if you have waited too long to get your loved one a power of attorney, a conservatorship is essential to ensure that they always have a champion in their corner

If you have been appointed the trustee of a trust, you might think this is a huge honor that signals a tremendous amount of faith in your integrity and ability. But as soon as you assume the role of trustee, you must start following through with your fiduciary duty. If you are not a professional fiduciary, this presents a considerable

If you notice that your parents are having difficulty managing their finances, immediate intervention is crucial. Poor money management poses a direct threat to their financial and personal well-being. It also jeopardizes your future financial security because they can easily squander their assets and, as a result, your inheritance in no time. As such, you—like so many other adult children—are

As your parents age, it is important to get them the assistance they need to maintain financial and personal security. Age-related cognitive decline makes managing finances and avoiding scams difficult, and failing to get your parents help can ultimately hurt your financial future if you stand to inherit from them. Setting up and getting help managing a trust for elderly

As your parents age, are you noticing bills going unpaid, mail around their home going unopened, large or unusual withdrawals from accounts, reckless spending, unusual explanations for financial matters, or increased difficulty making simple calculations or transactions? These are often tell-tale signs of having trouble managing their finances, and getting help is paramount. Acting quickly is important to ensure they