Estate Planning

Thoughts on creating a legacy through charitable giving often begin later in life, when children are grown, with children of their own. Thoughts of charitable giving often coincide with grandchildren heading back to school when the pleasure of long summer visits come to a close.
This is often the time to add deeper meaning and enhance the family’s vision for

After a long and busy career, you’re getting ready to retire or you’ve just retired. It’s about to be summer all year long—the days are as busy or as easy as you choose. Your time, at last, is your own. Now would be a good time to get your estate planning in order, when the press of daily meetings and

When someone is appointed the trustee, it signals a great deal of confidence in their integrity and commitment to ensuring a trust is managed and administered per the trustor’s wishes. Unfortunately, sometimes, trustees will exploit their position and use trust funds and assets for their own gain. This violation known as a misappropriation of trust funds. Here is what to

Trust administration is an incredibly time-consuming, costly, and emotionally exhausting process. Especially in the instance of the loss of a loved one, emotions further complicate things. Because of this, trust creators or beneficiaries sometimes choose to waive a trust accounting altogether to ease this process. Here is what to know about waiving an accounting and why you need to work