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Whether you are a trustee or a trust litigation lawyer, working with an expert trust accountant ensures professional accounting that complies with the probate code. Expert trust accounting is essential to the well-being and peace of mind of everyone involved. This accounting requires specially honed skills and extensive experience. Nothing illustrates this better than a real-life trust accounting example where

There are countless horror stories about grandchildren in tears as they watch family farmland auctioned off because their grandparents had to liquidate assets to satisfy the taxes.
Another tale is about siblings who were once in business together and now don’t talk to each other after one felt slighted because they didn’t receive the family’s antique tractor.
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A new case out of Tax Court centers on when a “deathbed gift” is considered acceptable for estate and gift tax purposes. The powerful tax law provisions used to help many taxpayers avoid federal estate tax, or reduce it to a manageable size, makes this an important decision, especially as we draw closer to a time when estate tax exemption

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As a trustee, you have a significant fiduciary duty and likely must conduct a trust accounting, which is a complex financial task a CPA specializing in trusts has the experience and expertise to perform. Alternatively, maybe you are a

Life is a road with unforeseeable twists, turns, obstacles, and detours that children are ill-equipped to navigate. However, certain situations can sometimes leave them without support before they can responsibly manage their lives and well-being alone. Whether their parents pass away prematurely or they inherit a significant sum of money, probate guardianship is an essential legal process that provides this

While many still mourn the unexpected and untimely death of the rapper Coolio on September 28, 2022, many estate planning attorneys and financial professionals are pointing out the financial and tax implications of his not having done an estate plan.Whenever there is a high-profile death involving famous celebrities or other high profile and high net worth individuals, there is usually