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Trademark Enforcement Protection – The Do’s and Don’ts for Brand ProtectionYou’ve spent thousands creating, developing, and marketing your company brand only to find a competitor has copied all or a portion of your mark, perhaps in an effort to benefit from the goodwill associated with your mark or to control their own market-share—or both. Now what? Or maybe your marks

Blueshift IP is pleased to announce that Founding Partner Robert Plotkin has been recognized in the 2024 edition of The Best Lawyers in America® in the area of Litigation – Intellectual Property.
This marks a significant milestone for Mr. Plotkin, as it is his first year of being acknowledged as a Best Lawyer. His dedication and expertise have earned him

In today’s competitive world, having your ideas and inventions patented is one of the keys to success for inventors. However, getting a patent is a lengthy, complex, and often confusing process, and many inventors find themselves stuck along the way. But fear not! With the right guidance, anyone can navigate the patent lifecycle successfully. In this blog post, we’ll give

Filing a provisional patent application provides one of the easiest and affordable ways to protect your inventions. This path gives a quick way to secure a priority date and establish your ownership. This temporary application ultimately provides a 12-month window to further develop your invention and file a non-provisional patent application. In this blog post, we’ll explore what you need

Because patents can take years to obtain, startups often delay filing patent applications until they believe they have the time and resources to devote to those patents. Yet, even resource-strapped startups with in-house attorneys can realize several benefits from developing strategic patent portfolios for their products, including:

  • Deterring competitors from infringing on their technology and products
  • Increasing the value of

Data Theft of Intellectual Property
What is Intellectual Property?
Intellectual property (IP) refers to any non-tangible creations of the human mind that have commercial value and receives legal protection. While IP may seem like a far-off concept, your company almost definitely has valuable IP. Anything from client lists to software is considered IP and consequently can be stolen.

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In Trinity Info Media, LLC, et al. v. Covalent, Inc., the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (CAFC) held that the patent claims were directed to an abstract idea of “matching users who gave corresponding answers to polling questions.” As such, they do not involve an inventive concept under § 101 and are patent ineligible.  The holding itself is not

DALLAS, Texas – Klemchuk PLLC, a leading litigation, intellectual property (IP), and business law firm, announces that it is co-hosting an Ethics CLE on September 13, 2023, at Engage Workspace for Lawyers.Attendees will earn 60-minutes of Ethics CLE credit, and complimentary lunch will be provided. Presenting the CLE is Darin M. Klemchuk of Klemchuk PLLC.



Inventions involving artificial intelligence (AI) continue to raise challenges for patentability of AI-related inventions. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected an attempt to name an AI system as the sole inventor on a patent application. In light of this and the rapid development of AI systems, the USPTO requested public comments on a wide range of topics relating

As an inventor, obtaining patents for your inventions changes the game for your business. 

It ensures protection of your intellectual property for a certain period of time. It gives you the exclusive right to manufacture, use, and sell your invention. 

Understanding the legal barriers in obtaining a patent avoids costly mistakes. 

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