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The timing of Rosh HaShana , the Jewish ✡️ New Year, has always made a lot of sense to me.
In September 🍁🍂, most of us are done with summer vacations. 🏖️
If you have children in school 🏫 (something that is largely in my rear view mirror), September is a good time to refocus on work.
If you are

Education is in my blood. My father was a math professor, and my mother was a school psychologist. I was also raised in an affluent Jewish suburb in New York where academic accomplishment was highly valued.
Earning a graduate degree was my destiny from a young age. And I still consider myself a lifelong learner. The content that is freely

Amy Katz and Nancy Reiner of the international search firm Major Lindsay and Africa have joined me for a great conversation about interviewing.
Whether you are heading out on interviews as a candidate or looking to make your next great hire, this is an episode you shouldn’t miss.
They share practical tips that will help reduce your stress before you

In business, strategy is about making choices. I was reminded of this recently when I ran into Barry Horwitz at our racquet club.
Barry is a strategy consultant to non-profits and start ups. He writes a lot about strategy and the role it plays in building profitability or in helping a mission driven organization to have more impact.
Seeing Barry

If your business is growing or your workforce is changing, it may be time to consider whether a 401(k) retirement plan is now a better option for your and your employees than the SIMPLE IRA Plan or SEP you currently offer.
A 401(k) Plan can offer you more options so that you can elect plan provisions that fit your situation.

Marketing involves choices. How do we decide where to focus our energy?  What relationships should be cultivate?
In my latest article in the ABA’s GPSolo eReport, I suggest that the acronym C.H.I.L.L. can help you decide.
Look for C.H.I.L.L. referral partners and your referrals will grow. Click here to read more.The post Want to Generate More Referrals? Connect with C.H.I.L.L.