Is this Harassment?You have an employee who is multiracial (Asian, Black, and Pacific Islander). Some coworkers jokingly refer to the employee as a mutt. Other co-workers give the employee “compliments” by saying she looks exotic, like Moana and that she inherited the “best traits,” because she is strong (Pacific Islander), athletic (black) and smart/articulate (Asian).The employee doesn’t seem to mind and

Can Business Owners Draft Their Own Legal Documents without Hiring a Lawyer? Sure, but I highly recommend against it and here is why.

Legal documents create legal obligations for the parties. If the business owner not completely know or understand the company obligations it is creating, he could be causing additional unnecessary and risky obligations for the company it should

Navigating tax season can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those wary of catching the eye of the IRS. But fear not! By understanding common triggers for IRS audits and taking proactive steps to address them, you can minimize your risk and ensure a smoother tax-filing process. 

John Milikowsky,  CEO and Founder of Milikowsky Tax Law, discusses key triggers for

Facing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt is often daunting and stressful, with many people fearing the consequences of non-payment without knowing what potential punishments are incoming. While the repercussions often involve fines or wage garnishment, a less frequent but still significant impact is on passport status. The IRS, being a part of the federal government, has the ability to

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that whistleblowers need not prove that their employer acted with retaliatory intent to maintain their retaliation claims under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Although whistleblowers are required to prove that the protected activity was a contributing factor in the unfavorable employment action that their employer took against them, evidence of retaliatory intent is unnecessary under

Check out the latest episode of Riskology by Infortal™ – Risk on the Rocks: Rare Earth Elements.Ever wonder what powers the technology that fuels our future? From the smartphones in our pockets to the rockets aiming for Mars, there’s a secret ingredient: rare earth elements. Here’s the catch: while critical to innovation, these minerals are also vulnerable to global tensions. In this

As an attorney experienced in professional defense, I understand the unique challenges faced by educators in today’s complex social and technological landscape. The threat of false allegations can loom large, potentially derailing careers and causing undue stress. However, with proactive measures and a clear understanding of professional boundaries, teachers can significantly safeguard their careers.
Establish Clear Boundaries
Establishing clear boundaries

Why do some marketing plans not hit the mark?

You could have the most meticulously designed marketing plan… and still have it fall short of the goals and expectations. But why?

Creating an effective marketing plan is like preparing a recipe.

You spend your time, money, and resources to gather the ingredients and follow the instructions. But sometimes, you still